5 Easy Ways to Clean a Coffee Maker

5 Easy Ways to Clean a Coffee Maker

Sometimes, cleaning a coffee maker can be very difficult. This happens because of the complicated design of the coffee makers. You can easily get tempted in cleaning these stuff and leave it for later. Leaving uncleaned items for a long time can hamper the healthiness of the kitchen and can cause different diseases.

So, you need to clean the coffee maker properly after every usage to keep it clean and healthy. We have tested different cleaning techniques and came out with the simple ones.


Clean a Coffee Maker with 5 Simple Ways

There are various cleaning methods for the coffee makers. Some of us think popping different parts of coffee maker into dishwater is the best way to clean it. I agree that it is one of the easiest ways to clean it. But, if you want to clean the coffee maker thoroughly, then you should apply different techniques.

Clean it with Ice and Salt

The ice and salt cleaning technique is a popular way to clean coffee makers quickly. The combination of salt and ice works effectively to take away the grease on the carafe and the mineral deposits. Reaching for the carafe can be difficult for the narrow mouth of the coffee makers.

You can crush ice and put it into the carafe. Then you can add salt to it. Give a proper mix, and then you can watch how the combination works. The mixture of ice and salt take away the impurities of the coffee maker and clean it properly. It is one of the easiest ways to clean the coffee maker.

Baking Soda and Water

Baking soda has a good chance of cleaning grease and strains. It can also help you with getting rid of the coffee bean smells. The method of cleaning coffee maker is very easy with baking soda and fresh water. To get clean water, you can use a proper kitchen faucet.

Add water with the soda and put it into the water reservoir of the coffee maker. Start the coffee maker brewing. Now, it will start brewing the soda. Brewing the baking soda will start cleaning the coffee maker from inside.


Vinegar and Clean Water

Vinegar is very useful in melting hard items. It can remove and dissolve mineral deposits very easily. You can mix vinegar with clean water and add it to the water reservoir of the coffee maker. This process is very simple and easy to execute.

After adding the mixture, you just have to run the brewing cycle to see the effects. This technique helps to remove the impurities effectively as the vinegar goes through the machine. Apply this vinegar method twice to have a better effect.

Lemon Juice and Water

This technique is same as vinegar and clean water process. You can use lemon juice as the place of vinegar. Lemon juice can be very powerful in cleaning impurities and mineral deposits. It also leaves freshness and good scent. It is one of the best ways to clean a coffee maker easily.

The advantages of using lemon juice are the sweet lemony smell it leaves. Most of the people love this technique for the healthy scent of the items after cleaning.

Use Faucets for Dishwashing

It is the quickest and hassles free way of cleaning the coffee maker. There are different kitchen faucets that have powerful sprays to clean tough items. Powerful spray can reach the mouth and can clean tough impurities effectively.

Most of the top kitchen faucets have multiple spray functions. You can easily clean the coffee maker with the dishwashing liquids and the help of the coffee maker. You just have to detach the parts and then attach it after cleaning.

Final Thoughts on Cleaning a Coffee Maker

These five easy ways can help you to get rid of the impurities, tough mineral deposits, grease, and stains. You can apply these techniques without buying cleaning items. I hope you liked this article and will apply out tips to clean a coffee maker easily.

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