Why Specialty Coffee Wins Over Regular Coffee: You Must See the great Difference In Your Cup!

Why Specialty Coffee Wins Over Regular Coffee: You Must See the great Difference In Your Cup!


What actually specialty coffee means the specialty in its seed to your cup. At a glance it is high quality guaranteed coffee while regular coffee is low quality lacking sustainability and transparency. So you should know if your purchased coffee is regular coffee or specialty coffee. The overall consumer’s’ statement is that regular or mainstream coffee is packed in a little bottle or grounded and packed in tin or plastic collapse brick. On the other side specialty coffee is sold as whole beans. But the main is in their root and process with much care from farmer to baristas. Especially this coffee is sold direct to roasters or to the coffee traders at a premium, roasted with high care after attaining several taste, then packaged and baristas’ immediate grind with their best coffee grinder (Home Use and Commercial Use coffee grinder) before the brew of different flavours coffee.

The main difference starts from the quality of the green beans and even plantation techniques. The source of this type of coffee, quality and roasting are all traced. At last the specialty coffee ends with great taste in your cup.

How specialty Coffee Comes?

The specialty begins with best quality coffee seed

First coffee seeds are planted at the high time and right way. All this process is done under observation. Around the world, 75 species of coffee is known as coffee types while Arabica and Robusta are mostly produced coffee. Again Arabica has 160 varieties- Acaia, Typica,Bourbon, Gesha etc that produce different flavours for different types. And most of the specialty coffee comes from Arabica seeds. Recently Robusta coffee is also getting the place of specialty after experiment.


Planted coffee tree will get ready for harvest after three to four years when they will bear red fruits and at the peak of ripeness. Then it is the turn of picking those berries. Two types of picking we notice in the coffee region- strip pick and selectively pick. Generally strip picked (fruits picked at the same time) are done as it is quicker and easy. But selectively picked (ripe berries picked and green beans left for the peak of ripeness) further ensure better quality of coffee bean. Next process is to dry coffee. This process is done very quickly soon after collecting berries. This method can be done two ways. Drying the berries under the sun and another way is removing the pulp of the beans; they are fermented in a tank and washed with huge amount of water. If the second crucial process is done false, the whole coffee turns into bitter taste so bad cup at your hand. After having  dried coffee beans, they are immediately stored but before storing bad coloured and damaged beans are removed in specialty coffee as they will impact badly on your cup. Then they are sent for roasting.

Roasting specialty coffee requires several steps under strict experiment

Specialty coffee roaster only roast specialty coffee. After getting stored beans, green coffee beans get grade according to their quality. Under the protocol of The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) that is globally adapted for specialty coffee, the only high quality coffee beans are recommended for roasting. First visual experiment is done by using a sample of 300- 350 gm coffee bean for primary and secondary defects. Dryness, unripe beans, over ripe beans, discolours, fungus, cracks in the beans, insects, presence of husks are tasted and then given the grade. This type of coffee gets above 80 points out of 100 if they have zero primary defects and also less than five secondary defects.

The-coffee-comes-out-of-the-drum-onto-the-cooling-tray-2.jpg IMG_6582-41.jpg

What the taste is called “the Cupping” taste that ensures the best quality of the beans. In this taste some sample of coffee beans are taken to roast, grind, brew and smell and drink. After approving the quality beans the rest coffee beans are send to roast in special roast machine. In the roasting machines coffee beans are continuously moved at about 260 degree celsius. At the 230 degree Celsius the oil started to appear on the body of coffee beans and turns the green coffee to brown coloured with the excellent smell. Soon after roasting they are cooled down in water or with air as this is another most important process for specialty coffee. After cooled down the roasted coffee are packed and ready for grind and brew for optimum freshness.


Actually while roasting the best aroma exists in coffee but day by day it loses its actual aroma. Generally specialty coffee preserves good aroma and best cup within 2-10 days after roasting and further till 30 days. So while purchasing roasted coffee be sure to check the date. The closer the roasting date, the better your cup. But in case of regular coffee, the surety cannot be given as the beans are not so strictly roasted and ground.

Your coffee doesn’t taste like coffee shop? The answer should be the perfect grind soon after coffee roasting and next very quick brew after grinding.    Be sure your specialty coffee roasted beans are ground properly for your favourite flavour and brew within 15 minutes. As coffee ground started to lose its aroma quickly after grind, so delay to make coffee will taste not so good as you wish. On the other hand, you cannot give surety it will taste great though after immediate brew after grind. Coffee brew is also a technique and has huge impact on its flavour. See grinder guides make coffee tips for excellent brew at home.

Specialty coffee industry is now blooming especially in USA. The coffee shops mainly offer espresso and espresso variations as special coffee drinks. We know that espresso is a different brewed process, not like regular coffee brew. It is thicker than regular coffee and made by forcing hot water into the coffee ground tightly taped. Many prefer to add milk, water to plain espresso and make the variations of different popular espresso drinks.


Latte: An espresso drink with steamed milk and thin foam on the top. Making latte is a special art. You need single or double shot of espresso and then steamed milk poured on the coffee with beautiful design. You need coffee machine with steam wand and milk jug. First of all make a plain espresso shot, pour milk in milk jug by ⅓ and place the steam arm after quick purge down the top of the milk, run the steam arm and before the milk is too hot, move it and it is now ready to pour the milk foam on the cup.

Cappuccino: Almost like latte but cappuccino requires more foam in steamed milk. Make a espresso shot first, swirl the milk with steam arm and when it is ready shake the milk jug for creating more foam and then pour that foamed steamed milk on espresso from the lower position.

Cafe Mocha: In cafe Mocha, you have double shot of espresso, cocoa or chocolate syrup, milk and foam. First pour ⅙ cocoa in a tall glass, then pull double shot of espresso ⅓ and next pour the steamed milk to the top. You may add whipped cream on it and spray some layer of chocolate on it.

Latte Macchiato: This special coffee drinks require only espresso short and steamed milk. First pour the steamed milk to the top of the glass and then very slowly pull the espresso in it so that a mark of espresso dark swirl is left on the cup.

Americano: This specialty coffee prepared with espresso and hot water. It needs not any steamed milk rather equal portion of espresso and hot water. It is somewhat not so heavy like other specialty beverages. You need two different glasses. One is for espresso shot and another for hot water. After pulling espresso shot (3oz), pour that espresso into another cup with hot water (3 oz). Then Americano is ready to sip.

Caffe Crème or Espresso Crème: This special coffee requires heavy cream (one ounce) and espresso (single or double shot as you prefer). Make single or double shot of espresso with the espresso machine and add heavy cream and it tastes rich.

Coffee is not just a drink now to the Coffee fanatic world. They take it for their regular life but with most care. The whole world especially American people have switched on the coffee culture with more passion and high observation on making specialty coffee.