Cafe Munandi is a friendly, family run restaurant in the heart of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe that exudes the traditional ethnic Ndebele charm of the beautiful Country.  The restaurant is owned by Hazel Meares who opened the restaurant in 2010, after identifying a need for an up market, classy restaurant offering exquisite tasty dishes.  Hazel Meares opened the restaurant with the vision that Cafe Munandi would thrive in the restaurant industry with the best quality foods and outstanding service. Over the years Cafe Munandi has earned a reputation for its classy, great tasting food and welcoming atmosphere, which has visitors coming back for more.

Café Munandi is upscale, but welcoming to locals offering quality foods with a price to suit most budgets. We welcome everyone from small groups, to large groups, families and couples.

The restaurant is managed by Mrs. Thalita Mema she has been with Cafe Munandi from day one.   It is with great pride and great care that they manage the restaurant, supervising the Cafe Munandi staff.  They are sure to make you feel welcome upon your arrival.

Visit Cafe Munandi. The Home of Tasty meals & a good time.

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